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Aboard a Ship...

You are slightly persuaded from side to side as the gentle waves rock the humble pirate ship that you stand upon. A distinct scent of salt lingers in the air from the ocean below and the sun beams down from the cloudless sky. As the waves wash upon the rough sand of the beaches, they create tranquil sounds that accompany the crashing of the water against the rocks of the cove. Seagulls cry overhead, adding to the ocean's symphony. Sails peacefully flap above you as a gentle breeze brushes against your face, whispering pirate songs in your ear that send a slight shiver down your spine. Although the tropical setting is relaxing, you feel a slight sense of fear with each new breath.

You take another step on the ancient wood beneath you and cause the planks to sigh and moan from age. Placing your hand on the railing beside you, you begin to explore the ship. The rail's rough wood scrapes against the palm of your hand as you drag it along approaching the stern of the ship. From here you are able to look out upon the sparkling blue of the ocean and enjoy the tranquility of the beach. You rest for a moment to take in the calming sight until the thrilling excitement of knowing pirates have ventured aboard this ship pushes you on.

Mystery floods your mind when you come across an open door that leads down beneath the vessel. The black depths are open to you through the clear doorway and the secrets within cry out to be discovered causing your need for adventure to persist. You contemplate for a moment whether you should follow the steps down or continue up deck until your curiosity wins you over and your feet find themselves carrying you down one step at a time. As you venture deeper into the void, you feel a frigid chill in the air clasp your bones and freeze the lining of your throat. Shivers of fear surge through your body, causing you to doubt your decision; however, your hand continues to lead you down the staircase, keeping its firm grip upon the handrail. You rapidly blink your eyes, trying to force them to adjust to the absence of light, yet the staircase remains shrouded in shadows.

Reaching the end of the staircase, you find that there is no light in this new area although you can hear the vast emptiness from the echoing of each breath. Standing within the darkness, you are unable to see anything around you and temporarily hold your breath in fear. What is down here? Just then, you hear a sound farther into the room. There seems to be a faint dripping on the wooden floor ahead. There is an uneven pattern to the sounds and you are tempted to move forward, wanting to find out more.

Before you can make the decision, you hear the distinct sound of animal footsteps coming towards you. The steps continue at a slow, even pace along the ship's planks and begin to send a chill crawling up your spine. As the sounds draw nearer, it seems as if the air around you is closing in on you and any warmth you had been feeling is being drained away. Goosebumps begin to appear all over your skin as you shiver in place, feeling lifeless and cold. Your bones start to ache and throb and you are overwhelmed with a feeling of discomfort.

Just then you begin to make out something from the darkness ahead of you. As if coming out from underneath a midnight blanket, the creature is slowly revealed. You are surprised to find that the creature itself is emitting a fair bit of turquoise light that swirls around itself in flowing waves. The animal pauses as he comes just into your view and does not return your staring glance. From the creature's mysterious aura you are able to see that it is a strange dog-like creature crouched on his front legs more than his back. His fur is scruffy and matted, with a wet look to it, giving him the appearance of a rabid dog. His head is hung low below his shoulders allowing the shaggy tuft of fur on his head to hang over his face, blocking it from your view. You hear a swift swishing noise and find that his long, skinny tail is slightly flicking back and forth causing the shaggy tuft at its end to drag across the floor in rapid movements. The creature's short fur is a grey-turquoise matching the color of the light he's emitting and there are three gray stripes on each of his legs. The stripes are also found at the end of the floppy ears that droop on each side of his head and at the end of his tail. From his crouched position, the three gray-colored spikes that emerge from his back curve like a wave flowing in a distinct C-shape. But the one thing about him that catches your attention and leaves you in wonder is the rusted key tied around his left arm with thin twine.

For a moment, you stay standing, continuing to stare at the creature as you shiver from the immense cold his presence seems to bring about. There is silence between the two of you, slightly interrupted by the persistent dripping. There is no movement except for the eerie waves of light that orbit the creature. Nothing happens.

"What are you doing here?" the animal finally asks with a gruff voice. He continues to keep his head held low to the ground and you are still unable to see his face.

"I-I was just looking around," you weakly state. The character doesn't seem very interested and acts as if you hadn't said anything. Moments pass and not knowing what to do, you decide to venture one step closer. There is still no response in the creature, but the chilling grasp is tightened around you. Within the silence, you are able to hear the animal's harsh breathing accompanying the dripping and notice that with each one, a slight puff of frozen breath is released from his mouth. "Who are you?" you finally manage to ask.

The beast pulls his head up a bit allowing you to see the stern expression on his face. A gleam is reflected off of the many sharpened teeth that make up his snarled mouth and you find water, or is that blood?, dripping from it. With eyebrows set low over his crimson eyes, he gives a menacing look that helps envelop your soul with frost. There are only crescent moon slits of pupil in the blood red of his eyes that rest within their shadowed sockets; the black beneath his eyes encroaching over his cheeks.

What is wrong with this poor creature, you think to yourself.

"Name's Rohashi..." he finally answers with his low voice before turning his back to you. The light swerves with his body and his tail slides across the floor behind him.

"Well, what are you doing here, Rohashi?" you ask, unsure of what to say.

Rohashi turns his head over his shoulder to glance back at you and plainly states, "I'm the First Mate of this ship...It's not much. It's pathetic in fact, but I've got to...I have to-to make up for..." His voice trails off and you notice the focus leave his dead eyes. "My...friend-SilverrFangg fixed up this piece of crap and now he's been traveling out on the sea. He's so determined..." Rohashi stares down at his clawed paws and you see a swarm of different emotions sweep over his face.

"What do you mean?" you ask, curious of what the creature's hiding...

Rohashi turns and walks up to you, even closer than before. You feel the unbearable chill sweep over you as he approaches and feel your trembling resume. With a sigh, Rohashi gives another weary glance at you although you can sense a slight feeling of relief in him just before he begins to reveal his secrets...

The Tale of a Dead Man

For as long as I can remember I have lived on the sea. It's my home...my entire life. I even died in the sea...

I've been a pirate all my life. I never knew my mother since she died when I was born, but my father was Captain of his own ship. Growing up, he taught me everything he knew...I went on so many raids with him. "Missions" he'd call them. "We're goin' on a mission today, a real important one!" They weren't too complicated...We usually just ransacked the houses we came across, stole the valuables, and set fire to the place. We didn't usually kill the people unless they interfered. I didn't mind killing though...My father had taught me to never be afraid of anything, not even of doing something. He raised me to be fierce and unforgiving. I never knew the troubles those "missions" would cause. Who knew they would screw up my life?

Growing up over the years, I became more and more experienced. My father was pretty rough, but I knew that he wanted me to take over the crew one day. He was just toughening me up so I wouldn't be too soft for the job. His crew was as loyal as a crew could get, but they never did favor me. It was difficult around them, especially when my father wasn't around. But, I learned from it all and became a pretty rough guy myself. I had always looked up to my father and remember wanting to take his place and call out the orders to the crew. I could always imagine myself looking out over the sea and planning the course. It felt so right...

There were times however when it felt as if I was unwanted by everyone around me...My father never did get over my mother dying. "If it wasn't for you-!" he would constantly remind me. I believe that he loved this old key, here, better than me. I don't know why...I don't even know what it's for! Sometimes I would find him staring at it for hours, just twirling it around...He really treasured it for some reason. Even he didn't know what it went to..."This key here," he would tell me, "is adventure all in itself...It's mystery, suspense, a little bit of logic...What does it go to? Where did it come from? Will I ever find out? It's adventure like this that keeps me going, that keeps sending me out on that ocean."

An adventurer at heart, my father had been all over the world, always traveling by sea. He would tell me of times before mine and would fantasize about what was still to come...He was never afraid of anything and always prepared for everything. All around, he was a great Captain, but my father was a risk taker...and he took one too many risks...

It was supposed to be just another ordinary "mission." My father had targeted a quaint fishing village with a fine dock and a good supply of fish. The villagers weren't too bad off and they were having a good season, so we figured that they could share some of their wealth. We made port one late evening as the sun was setting and continued the raid as usual. It looked to be as if it was going to be a good turnout.

That day will forever stay in my memories, however...

I remember crewmembers were rushing past me towards the ship, preparing to leave, when I hadn't found my father yet. Rushing through the panicked crowds, I frantically searched for him. I was young at the time and was constantly being shoved to the ground and trampled over. Many minutes passed before I finally spotted him sprinting towards me with an older, white lupe close behind him. The full sack on my father's back greatly reduced his speed and the lupe was able to pounce on him and drag him down. There was a short struggle, but my father was tangled in the ropes of the sack, unable to fight back as well. I watched in terror as the lupe clenched his jaws around my father's neck and I began to bound towards the fight in instant reflex. Just then, a cry broke through the night and caused my father's attacker to release his grip and pull his head up with his ears alert. With another distant plea, the lupe took off and left my father helplessly sprawled on the ground.

When I reached my father, he was lying on his side with blood seeping from his neck and other wounds scattered across his gray pelt. His breaths were short and uncontrolled and his arms and legs lay lifeless. I didn't know what to do at the time and stood motionless, trembling in fear.

"Rohashi," my father managed to say, "Rohashi, is that you?" He tried to lift his head to look at me, but was unable to and cried out in pain. I let out a fearful gasp and flinched. I had never seen my father in pain before. "Rohashi," he continued with a strong, unwavering voice. "Rohashi, listen to me. Are you listening?!" There was a harsh and demanding tone to his voice. I nodded slowly. "You'll need to carry this back. Take it back to the ship, and quickly!" He tried to reach for the sack that he had been carrying, but was once again unsuccessful. "Go now, hurry!" It was all so sudden; I didn't know what was happening...

"But what about the crew?" I asked my father, glancing down at my paws. "What do I tell..."

Realizing that these were his last few moments, my father suddenly gave up. I could see the determination swiftly leave his face and there was a new quietness to his voice as he spoke. "Tell them...Tell them that their Captain has fallen..." There was a moment of silence between the two of us as I felt a deep sadness strike me. "But also tell them that they have a new Captain." I glanced up at him just as he pulled the key from around his neck and handed it to me. "Take this with you...It was my good luck treasure, and now it's yours. The ship is yours now, too, along with the crew. You will do well, Rohashi. You'll make a fine Captain." Unsure of what to say, I just stared and held the key with a firm grasp. "Now go, Rohashi, go! You won't end with the same fate as I!"

Scooping the sack over my own back while holding the key firmly within my mouth, I began to turn back to the ship-my ship. I glanced back once more and we exchanged final glances. With a nod from my father, I was off...

I had become Captain of my father's ship and had told the crew of his death. They seemed upset, but they tolerated me. We continued our raids and remained faithful explorers of the sea. I don't think that I could ever tear myself from it, and my father's death won't stop me from traveling the waves. I am too connected with the ocean...even now...

With my father gone, it had been more difficult. The crew did not return the same respect to me as they had shown my father and were constantly disobeying my orders. I was very young at the time and most of them were my father's age. There were times when I felt that I needed to give up and let my father take over, but he was never there. I now wear my father's key around my front leg and am constantly reminded of him as the gleam catches my eye. I learned to run the crew without him and learned the secrets of pirating...Truths were revealed to me and I knew that they weren't "missions" anymore.

But I did still miss him...Years afterwards I returned to the fishing village and found myself staring out to the sea from the docks one calm evening. It was in that village just years before when my father had died. If only he hadn't picked this spot...

The village looked as if it had recovered well from our attack. Boats were coming in and out of the ports with fresh fish and the villagers slowly returned to their homes with meals for their families. It was a quiet, peaceful village with friendly, hard-working people. As I watched, I found villagers greeting each other and helping others out. I didn't understand it, and still don't. All my life I have grown up knowing the standards of a pirate...Never grow attached unless it's to your crew or the sea. Never harbor emotions. Never look out for anybody except yourself. When you break those rules, things just go wrong...That's what my father had always told me. But here in this village, they all seemed to get along while being so helpful and watching out for each other. It was all so innocent...Even so, I found it difficult to restrain my anger. I wanted to strike out and attack the village once more...I wanted to find that white lupe...and kill him.

It was just then, when my mind was confused with so many thoughts and memories when a silver lupe bounded up to me. He looked to be only a few years younger than myself who was about thirteen at the time. "Hey, who are you?" he excitedly asked.

I stared down at him for a moment with a perplexed look. "Oh, I'm...a traveler. I won't be here long..."

"A traveler?!" he cried out. "You travel the world? Do you go on adventures?"

Flashes of burning villages and piles of treasure flashed through my mind. "Yeah, I go on adventures."

The lupe glanced down at the water gently swaying beneath the docks we stood upon. "I wish I could go on adventures..." he mumbled. "I'm stuck here. I have to fish," he stated meeting my eyes with his. "I have to fish here like my Pa...learn the trade and support the family. Do you have to support your family?"

His question stopped me for a moment. I remembered my father and thought over the mother I never knew... "No, I only support myself."

"That would be so cool..." the lupe muttered. "I have to watch over my sister all the time. It's all right, I just wish that I could leave and explore the world. I want to go out on my own and see what else is out there...I've never left this village before. What's it like out there?"

"Out there? Well, you're not missing much."

"So, how'd you get here? Did you come on a ship? People always get here by ship..." Without saying anything, I pointed to my ship resting by the coast. I had told the crew that this was a stop for supplies, so there were plain, white sails waving in the wind, disguising our true identity. "Wow, you came on that ship?" I gave a nod, not breaking my stare with the rippling waters. The sunset was reflecting off of the water painting a perfect mural of itself. "I would love to be the Captain of a ship like that..."

"No you wouldn't," I instantly replied, not even thinking over what he had said.

"What? Why not? How would you know?"

There was a long moment of silence. I closed my eyes away from the sea and thought over everything..."Just trust me," I finally answered.

The silver lupe was entirely interested with my life and soon had me telling him all about my crew, my ship, and my adventures. I didn't tell him everything of course, but we talked for many hours afterwards. I found out that his name was SilverrFangg and that he had a younger sister named Tikalliah, a sprite, yellow lupe. His father was a fisherman like most from that village and he planned for SilverrFangg to follow behind. SilverrFangg, however, had always dreamed of sailing the oceans and exploring new lands. Tikalliah was the only reason he stayed. After meeting me, though, he found that the urge to travel was too great to ignore. I offered him a spot in my crew and told him that we were going to be departing the next morning. I knew that he would come...He had it in him. The same adventurous spirit raged within him as it did within my father and within myself...

The fire proved to rage on, when he met me on the docks the following sunrise. He didn't become a full crewmember as he still had to support his family, but he did come sailing with us from time to time and I was able to show him some of the best sights. I also began to teach him everything I knew about sailing and taught him my tips on fighting. He never did come raiding with me, and I never even told him about it...SilverrFangg had that "innocence" about him...We had become great friends and I didn't mind his company, but my crew thought differently. Still uneasy about having me as their Captain, many of them were extremely upset with having this young lupe board the ship and not do any work.

Years passed and SilverrFangg became as knowledgeable as myself, sometimes able to defeat me in a quick battle. I did go a bit easy on him though...I was older now, seventeen, but the crew still hadn't come to like me. SilverrFangg was fourteen then, but was still hated and ignored when aboard the vessel. I never imagined that the hatred would go so far though...I didn't know.

I'm no longer Captain of my father's ship...You can see that. I'm not even Captain of this ship; SilverrFangg is. To think that I was the one to introduce him to this life and teach him all he knows...Now, I'm a worthless nothing, but I never was anything great. I never did run the ship-or the crew-as well as my father did. My crew knew well ahead that I would never be able to...

It was only a few years after meeting SilverrFangg when my crew turned on me. I wasn't able to fight against all of them and found myself being thrown into a prison cell beneath the deck. If only my father knew how I let him down...The crew hated SilverrFangg even more than me, however, and planned to kill him. It wasn't long until my ship pulled into the familiar fishing docks once more, this time delivering an angry and violent swarm of pirates. My crew stormed through the village burning, killing, and destroying everything like I had wanted to do so long ago...

Luckily, they were unable to find my friend, but they took his family hostage to lure him to the ship. Soon the other cells beneath the deck were filled with his mother, sister, and his father...his father...I-I can't even think of it. When they first brought SilverrFangg's father down into his cell, I didn't know what to think. I couldn't believe that through all those years...SilverrFangg's father was my father's white murderer. He was just a fisherman, who had been defending his family, but he had killed my father...and now I wanted to kill him.

We waited for days for SilverrFangg to come aboard the ship, but for some reason he never did. The days I spent in that cell were long and monotonous. I didn't speak with SilverrFangg's family, and I don't even think they knew that we were friends. They didn't seem to know who I was and I had never met them before...Waiting within our metal cages, we all knew that we were waiting for our deaths...

Within that cell, I could feel my body falling apart. My thirst for blood had been growing and my temper was tested day-by-day having to see my father's killer. Each day my blood boiled and I had to fight to keep myself calm. At night, I found myself secretly scheming in the dark with a proud snarl on my face. I wanted revenge and it was right there in front of me...

Once the crew grew tired of waiting, we departed and were out on the open ocean once more. They planned to just kill SilverrFangg's family and forget about him, then deal with me afterwards. I didn't really care if they killed me or not...My life wasn't worth anything and Death seemed pretty pleasant at the moment. I just wanted to get out of that cage...I just wanted to kill...

I'm alive here today...well, in a way, so you know that I escaped. I imagined that I would, but not the way that it had happened. SilverrFangg proved to be more of a pirate than I thought he was...

It was the usual stormy night out on the sea...The ship creaked as it was violently tossed from side to side. Below the deck, rain would seep in creating a thin layer of water on the planks that would swish from cell to cell. With the pattering of rain, the crashing of thunder, and the crying of SilverrFangg's sister, I sat miserably within my cage, glaring in a daze. Blood, kill, rage, revenge...My mind was full of wicked thoughts and I hadn't slept for days, feeding the insanity.

Just then, SilverrFangg came leaping from the entryway leading up to the deck. Caught by surprise, I leaped back and slammed into the metal bars. "SilverrFangg, what are you doing here?!" I barked, outraged and confused.

His parents glanced up and were just as surprised to see their son as I was. "SilverrFangg, you're here, you're alive!"

Without replying, SilverrFangg dashed to his sister's imprisonment and began to ram at the door. I could see rage burning through his emerald irises, which was unusual, as I had never seen him angry before. He continuously pounded at the cage with tremendous force until it finally gave way. He then quickly slipped in and snatched his sister in his mouth by the scruff of fur on the back of her neck before turning to dart up towards the deck.

"Wait, SilverrFangg! Where are you going!" I cried out, bewildered that he was leaving me. His parents cried out, also, desperate to be set free. He glanced over his shoulder and gave me a final glance of the gleam in his eyes before abandoning me without a word. Returning to the deck, he had left me and his parents stranded within our metal tombs.

I couldn't take any more...I felt the heat of my blood rise as it rushed through my veins causing strain on my heart. My lips were twisted downwards in a menacing snarl as my eyebrows leered over my crimson eyes. A low growl emitted from the pit of my throat and the hair rose from my curled back. Rage was overcoming me. I wanted revenge...I wanted to kill.

Using all of my strength, I rammed my shoulder into the metal bars dividing me from freedom and bashed through the material with a newfound ease. Blood seeped from my new wounds, but I ignored them with a scoff and turned towards SilverrFangg's father. I was furious. SilverrFangg had left me; he had abandoned me. I was unwanted by all. I was hated by all. I was a failure and I wanted to die, but first, I wanted to kill. I wanted to taste blood...I wanted to avenge my father and fulfill my desire. He was right there in front of me and all that was in the way were a few measly bars.

Without even thinking, I began to throw myself at his cage again and again. I was losing strength each time, but not determination. I was going to get to him, even if I had to tear down the wall myself! It was pleasurable to watch the terror grow in the white lupe's eyes and I enjoyed seeing them widen with fear. Soft muttering escaped from his mouth and his wife cried in agony. Again and again I crashed into the metal...again and again...again and again. When the barrier was finally taken down and the way was clear, I gave no thought before lunging on my helpless victim and sinking my canines into his vulnerable neck. Thick blood seeped into my mouth and ran over my tongue giving a satisfying taste of revenge. In an outraged daze, I attacked and killed both of my friend's parents, leaving him an orphan. I killed them both there in that cell...I killed them...

Panting and gasping for air, I stood there over the lifeless beings. Red stained their light fur and mixed with the water running over my paws. A bloody snarl was plastered on my face showing my satisfaction. Blood ran down my legs and splattered over my dad's treasured key hiding it's true bronze color. I had done it...I had done it...My thoughts were repeating themselves with each quick breath. I had done it...I had done it...

Of course it wasn't long before a crewmember came down and found one of the prisoners missing and two of them dead with the last standing over them covered in blood. I couldn't move, though, as I was yanked from beneath the deck and was thrown to the ground. Still lifeless I was confused and didn't exactly know what was happening. I wanted revenge...I had gotten it...I wanted to die, and now I was going to get it. All around me, crewmembers were yelling and hitting me. I felt knives puncture my flesh and teeth envelop my legs. The lightning repeatedly lit the angry, menacing faces around me, and the thunder made it impossible to hear the insults that were being thrown at me. My world was spinning and I felt myself growing weaker and weaker. I barely made out the anchor that was passed over the crowd and set behind me and I stood motionless as the crew danced around me with ropes in their hands. My body was squeezed tighter and tighter as the ropes were drawn bonding me with the anchor. This is it...It's all over, I remember thinking. It won't be long now...

I waited miserably as the rain poured over my face and mixed with the blood that continued to escape my open wounds. Speeches were made and the crew cheered and cried out together although it was too loud to hear anything. My head continued to spin and my thoughts were unclear. Finally, I was lifted up and was only able to see the stormy sky overhead, as I was moved closer and closer to the edge of the ship. With each step, my back collided with the frigid metal behind me making it very difficult to breath. I won't be able to breath in a moment...I won't need to breathe anymore...

My life seemed to come to a halt as I was thrown from the crewmembers' backs and was welcomed by the sea. The ocean, which I had loved, so dearly my entire life now greeted me with it's icy waves and filled my lungs. Salt burned my eyes and throat and seared through my bleeding wounds. My head throbbed with pain along with every other part of my body. Continuing to sink further and further, I waited for my death to come...

I waited, but it never came.

Just as my eyes were beginning to close and I felt my body beginning to slip away, I noticed that the key tied around my front leg was glowing with a gleam brighter than ever before. In fact, it looked as if it was emitting it's own golden glow...I remember thinking of how pretty it looked shining and reflecting under the water's waves just before black invaded my sight...

I have never known what happened when I was beneath the waves...I awoke with sand lining my mouth. Opening my eyes, I found that the sun was out, casting its warm glow over my fur. My body felt...different. I didn't feel pain and I didn't feel weak or tired. There was a new feeling that overcame my body. I felt powerful. I felt strong. There was a new strength about me.

I sat up and observed my surroundings. I was resting on the beach of what looked to be a tropical island. The ocean's clear blue waters were stretched out behind me with a looming forest standing before me. I was far from the water and was unsure of how I got there, confused with everything. Was I still alive? Didn't I die? I stared down at my paws and was surprised to find this faint turquoise glow enveloping my entire body. What had happened? I glanced down and a glint of sunlight was reflected off of the key tied to my leg. The key! I had forgotten about it. Was it the key that had saved me?

Just then, I heard a soft noise coming from down the beach. I strained my eyes and glanced down the sandy stretches. Was that...it looked like...Tikalliah? Coming to my feet, I swiftly sprinted down the beach towards SilverrFangg's sister. I found that SilverrFangg wasn't far behind her as she skipped down the beach humming to herself.

"Rohashi!" I heard him cry out. "Rohashi, you're awake!" He began to run towards me while his sister stayed behind, frightened of me. "Rohashi, how are you?!" With a confused glare, I didn't respond. I turned my back towards him and didn't greet him. He had left me. He had left me there to die...or at least I thought he did. "Rohashi, are you okay?"

I haven't truly spoken to SilverrFangg since then...I'm not entirely sure why, but I just can't bring myself to do so. My only friend left me imprisoned with pirates...He was there and chose not to save me, only his sister. I don't know why he did that! I can't think of a logical reason...

SilverrFangg has talked with me...He told me that after he rescued his sister, he and Tikalliah jumped overboard and were carried to this island. This island has supplied us with all that we need to survive. It truly is a wonderful place, but I can't enjoy it. I can't enjoy anything in my life anymore. SilverrFangg, of course, has explored most of this island and he found this old ship crashed against a rocky shore. Over time, he worked so hard on repairing this thing, and now look at it! He did a great job, and it's in great condition. He's actually taken it out many times, but he doesn't go on raids like I did...SilverrFangg isn't like that...No, now his one goal is to track down my crew. He is determined to find them and rescue his parents. I don't even know if he wants to kill their captors, he just wants to rescue...

I can't live with this guilt. I can't possibly tell SilverrFangg-or Tikalliah-what I did. How can I tell my friend that I murdered his family? How? I just stay here while he goes out, usually...I don't know where he goes, and I don't know if he'll ever find my crew. I don't know what I will say if he ever does find out the truth...But he doesn't even know anything about me. He doesn't even know about my raids, or that I had attacked his village...He probably doesn't even know that his father had killed a pirate-let alone my father...No, I can't tell him anything. I haven't spoken to him, and I don't think that I ever will anymore...Our friendship is...

I have changed in so many ways...I can no longer feel pain...My body doesn't change. It doesn't age, grow weak, or become damaged. I can't die. I know! I've tried! I've tried so many times...This key...it's not a treasure-it's a curse!

Here on this island, I live my life day by day...Nobody here knows about me and I don't think that they ever will. I keep all of these secrets and even I don't understand it all. My one friend left me to die, and although I wish it, I cannot. I am the stuffy air of an ancient room...invisible to everyone, felt by all, so secretive, so alone, and always there...

My body has died, but my soul has not...

Burden Secret

“Hey, Rohashi…” I heard some one say with an exasperated sigh from behind me. Without glancing back I continued to stare forward at the ocean spread out in front of me. I was resting in the sand beneath a few trees, but I couldn’t feel the sand’s comforting warmth or the refreshing shade from the sun. Within the slight dim of the trees I faintly gave a turquoise glow.

“Rohashi?” My lupe friend, SilverrFangg, came from behind me, greeting me with a cheerful smile, as usual. Each of his paws left a print in the sand creating a trail that curved around where I sat. I glanced down at one distinct paw print, not wanting to meet with SilverrFangg’s emerald eyes. My friend took a spot beside me and curled his bushy tail around himself. “It’s nice out today, isn’t it?” he asked, creating small talk.

“Hmph,” I shrugged. I still hadn’t brought myself to speak with my friend. I couldn’t after everything that had happened. I want to speak with him and tell him everything, but I just can’t. I have to keep this secret…especially with what I did.

He turned to me as I continued to stare at the ground. “So…” There was a long pause after his words as he thought over what to say. From the corner of my eye I saw him open his mouth to speak only to bring it closed once more and shake his head. I moved my concentration from the print in the sand and returned it to the sea. I could never grow tired from watching the sea sparkle and move about. There’s something alluring about the waters…

“The ocean is so beautiful, you know?” he asked although I could easily tell there was something else on his mind. He wanted to say something, just as I did…

“Sure,” I replied. Although there wasn’t much enthusiasm in my voice, I did truly agree with SilverrFangg. The sea is one thing that I love dearly. I can’t bring myself to part with it and am constantly finding myself exploring its waves. Adventure calls my name from the endless, blue horizon and I can’t help but answer it.

There was another moment of silence between the two of us as we stared out at the sea, not glancing at one another. Just sitting there, SilverrFangg was torturing me with his presence. I couldn’t bear to see him, which was one reason why I would linger within the dark depths of the ship. Even though I couldn’t escape from my own thoughts and secrets, I could at least escape from my friend…Ugh, what happened between the two of us? Why did he do that!?

“So…” SilverrFangg started up again. He turned his head and focused his determined eyes straight into mine. A glint of sunlight struck the earring on his left ear and caused me to squint a bit. “What happened, Rohashi?”

Once again…He was asking me what had happened…again. How could he do that? Why would he even care? Why would he care what happened after he abandoned me!? Why would he want to know what happened to me after he left me, held captive by my own crew? And why should I tell him? It gets me so angry just thinking about it, but then again…I want to tell him. I tore my eyes from the sea and returned SilverrFangg’s glance. I wanted to tell him. I wanted to tell him everything, everything that had happened. But I couldn’t.

“Come on,” he coaxed, probably seeing my desire to share the events from my lifeless, blood-colored eyes. “What happened?” he whispered with a slight smile.

Staring into his friendly eyes became too much and I quickly turned my head away. The paw prints were still in the sand and caught my attention once more. “I see you’ve got a new scar…” I stated plainly, avoiding the current subject. I didn’t want to avoid it…It was exactly what I wanted to talk about, needed to talk about, but I just couldn’t. Agh, I sound so stupid!

“Hmm?” he asked, a little surprised. “Oh, yeah…Ran into a bit of trouble a few days ago.” He raised his paw to glance at the fresh wound. “I guess I haven’t seen you since then…”

I really was avoiding SilverrFangg and he seemed to be catching on. Being alone feels better, though, at times. Suffering in my own solitude rather than bringing everyone else down with me. Urgh, I feel like killing…I need to kill…But I haven’t since then. I haven’t been out on the sea much since then. The one thing I love and I can’t even enjoy that. It’s a reminder, though…the ocean…It is where I died after all, although SilverrFangg doesn’t know that. I can still hear the pounding heartbeats within my head and see the fading light as I sank farther and farther…It’s chilling.

“Where’ve you been lately?” my friend asked, trying to get some information from me. I could feel the prodding…

“I’ve been busy,” I grunted. I wished that he would leave. Even though he’s my friend, I can’t look at him. Not after what I’ve done…

SilverrFangg knew when I would and wouldn’t talk and didn’t question on my response. “I’m planning on heading out in a few days…You comin’?” he asked, inviting me to travel out on the seas with him.

I wanted to go, I truly did…”No, I can’t,” I replied. “I’m so busy right now…” I waited for many moments thinking over so many things.

“I got a new heading on them…You don’t want to come help track ‘em down?” His voice was soft and comforting, just as he was trying to be.

With his words, new images arose in my mind. Flashes of burning villages, screaming people…My father’s dying body, the crew’s hostility. Then haunting images of the cell that caged me with my thirst for blood came up and the slight glimmer of hope as SilverrFangg dashed by…His final glance, eye to eye with me, right before he left me there in my prison…Blood corrupted my mind and began to seep from my mouth as I sat there beside my friend. Ever since then, water and blood have come to flow from my mouth from time to time…A wide grin began to appear on my face, slowly overcoming my usual scowl. The memory of the blood of SilverrFangg’s father running across my tongue and my claws shredding through his flesh…so satisfying. But then the angry, twisted faces of my crew suddenly came to mind…They had captured me…They had beaten me…They had killed me…It was all their fault…”No!” I suddenly yelled out, jumping to my feet with my head held low below my shoulders. My chest heaved and the blood that ran from my mouth splattered against the sand beneath me. There was a crazed look to my crimson eyes and my thin crescent shaped pupils shrank even more.

SilverrFangg immediately jumped back in reflex with his claws unsheathed and his back fur bristling. There was a determined and responsive look to his face although his eyes hid the true feelings of concern and worry. Why did I do this to my friends? What kind of friend am I? As soon as SilverrFangg realized what he was doing, his fur began to flatten against his skin and his claws retreated. He gave a sigh and walked past me a bit. Stopping beside me, he turned his head over his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Rohashi…I’m sorry for whatever they did to you. I can’t even imagine.” With his last statement he walked off, leaving me alone on the beach with the sun just beginning to set far off over the waters. He knew that I needed time…

Thankful that he had left, my breathing began to slow and my heart rate returned to normal. There beneath the fading light accompanied with soothing waves and a faint, chilling breeze, I was left alone with my thoughts. I had betrayed my friend…but he had betrayed me! He left me there to die, and I did! Now I am here, with this…curse. I’m dead and although I may wish it, my life won’t end. SilverrFangg is so set on finding my corrupt crew and rescuing his family. He doesn’t know that I killed them…I can never tell him what happened. I may never truly talk to him again…

As my thoughts overcame me, I found myself trudging through the sand one step at a time. The ocean spread out before me drew nearer and nearer, welcoming me with its continuing waves. Soon, the waters were swallowing my feet and rising up past my legs. I continued, set on my decision. With water rushing over me and engulfing my body entirely, I felt safe. For a moment, the burden of the secret, which I held, was temporarily released…

With my eyes closing, I knew that the water wouldn’t kill me. I was already dead…Dead with this secret.

Dog Tags

Name: Rohashi
Pronunciation: Roe-hah-shee
Gender: Male
Mental Age: ~19 Years Old
Species: Rabid Dog
Personality: Violent, Aggressive, Tortured, Confused, Powerful, Uncontrollable, Distressed
Location: SilverrFangg's Pirate Ship, Docks & Caves of the Island

/ / /

Nose Color: Black
Pawpads Color: Black
Main Coat Color: Turqoise-Gray
Tail Tip Color: Medium Gray
Stripe Color: Medium Gray
Hair Color: Medium Gray
Spike Color: Medium Gray
Eyes: Crimson Red with Black Crescent Moon-Shaped Pupils

Complex Personality

Inner Thoughts

What should I do now? With this treacherous act behind me, how can I live on? The blood still lingers upon my claws and haunts my dreams. I can’t bring this to SilverrFangg, can I? Can I tell him what I have done? Can I tell him that I am a traitor?

I have something that has been tearing me from the inside forever and I can’t even tell you about it. It’s too hard to explain, but I just can’t tell you because of all of the troubles connected with it all. I don’t really want to tell you, but I just don’t know. Should I? Gah! Well you and Tikalliah are all happy right now, well, at least Tikalliah is and I don’t really want to ruin it all. You’ve got a plan and you're carrying it out and I’ve just been staying back in the corner with what I know tearing at my mind. It’s so terrible what I’ve done. I’m a traitor to you, but I feel that you had also betrayed me. You had left me there to die. What was I to do? I don’t exactly feel that what I have done is just, but there is something there that I just can’t explain. I…

Well, Tikalliah is so full of joy and although I don’t know why, I wouldn’t want to ruin what she has. Even you, SilverrFangg, would be much happier not knowing of what I have done to you. What I was forced to do. Of course I was given a choice, but I went with it and I have accomplished the task. It now lingers on me and it is my fault. I have ended it and have started a new situation. The sad part is that you are trying your hardest to correct the situation. You are trying to fix it and make it all better how it was. I have ruined your life! If I had never met you or come across you, none of this would have happened. I don’t know where you, Tikalliah, or even I would be, but it wouldn’t be here and then they…None of it would have happened. My father would have still died and his crew would probably still have become jealous of me and would have captured me and imprisoned me, but I just don’t know. Would I have died? Would I have done the terrible act and then would have died? I would have never met you, so you would still be a fisherman, right? You wouldn’t be out on these adventures because of me. You be out with your father, just fishing. Just out with your father… He would still be here and not…there.

There where you are planning to rescue him and I can’t tell you. I would like to tell you, but I also don’t want to. Especially Tikalliah…I don’t want to hurt her. She’s so full of joy with her seashells and her basket…She’s always so happy…I really don’t want to end that, but in a way, I already have ended it. I just can’t tell you that. Or why. Or what I have done…Even with my death it still lingers. I have still done it. I am still here in living flesh. There is still blood on my hands. I have done it. I betrayed you. You had made me so frustrated and angry. I felt that you had betrayed me! You had. You had come and were given a choice, but you didn’t choose me. You chose her, your sister…You chose Tikalliah.

I don’t know if that’s better or not. You both survived. You and her are both here on this island, safe. I am here, dead, but I am still here. Thanks to the treasure that my father gave to me, I can be here with you and Tikalliah, although I did die. But still, it was after you had left that I committed the crime. Why did I? I had to! You forced me to…The crew forced me to…It was there, they were there, you weren’t there…You had chosen Tikalliah over me. Maybe you couldn’t…Maybe you had to…Maybe you were forced to. I don’t know. I don’t know any of it. I can’t make up for what I have done. I know that I can’t, but maybe I could make it better. I don’t know if I should tell you what I have done or not. I don’t know if that would make it better. Would it dampen Tikalliah? Would she still collect seashells? I mean, she didn’t really know… And you! What would you do if you knew what I have done? Would you go out and never return? Would you abandon me? Would you abandon your crew? What about your sister? Would you leave her? Would you end your life? You would then find them, I guess, you have the plan and everything…I could not tell you and you could find them or at least try to… You are at least trying to find them, but you just don’t know… Would it be better if you knew the truth, if you knew the truth of what I’ve done?

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