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Tikalliah's Information

Name: Tikalliah
Pronunciation: Ti-call-yuh
Gender: Female
Mental Age: ~9 Years Old
Species: Husky/Fox
Brother: SilverrFangg
Location: Island - Frequently Found on the Beach or the Shore
Personality: Friendly, Bubbly, Hyper, Care-free, Energetic, Bouncy, Persistant, Hyper, Lively, Fun, Unique

* * *

Eye Color: Emerald Green
Nose Color: Emerald Green
Pawpads Color: Emerald Green
Main Coat Color: Bright Yellow
Stomach Color: Light Peach
Ear Tip Color: Dark Purple
Inner Ear Color: Light Peach
Tail Tip Color: Light Peach with a Jagged Dark Purple Stripe

Paw Color: Yellow with White on the Bottom Designs: Dark Purple Band around Muzzle / Three Dark Purple Dots Below Eyes Jewelrey: Bracelet Around Front Left Paw / Basket Around the End of her Tail


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My Seashell Collection
SilverrFangg brought me this shell from the shores of the Lost Desert. I find it fascinating to look at.
I love all the blues in this shell! It's all sparkly, just like the sea!
This kind of seashell is called a lion's paw, but if you look at it, it's shaped kind of like my paw too...Why isn't it called a lupe's paw?
One of my favorite colors is pink and this seashell is all pink...It looks so pretty.
I don't like spiky shells very much, but I do like the orange color. It's almost the same color that I am!
I wonder if a snail ever lived in this shell.
Poor little's so much smaller than all the rest, but it's still cute!
This one is kind of hard to pick up becuase of all it's spikes. I accidently stepped on one of these before and it hurt!
Why is this shell camoflauged with jungle print if I found it on the beach? I think it needs a new disguise...
It's purple and twirly! I think that this seashell is probably one of my favorite ones. It is so pretty and purple. I really love purple! Swirly!
If you put this shell up against your ear, you can hear the sea. You wanna' try?
SilverrFangg brought me this shell back from Krawk Island. I like the yellow spots all over it.
Ooh! I love this shell too! This one glows when you open it and it's so pretty. Look at that glow...It's all blue...and glowy.
Another spirally seashell! This one is blue though and it spirals all the way around. I still love it though!
Now this one really looks like a snail used to live in it. I really like the pretty colors.
More pink! I really love all the different shades of pink that are on this seashell and I like how it all wraps around. This one is so beautiful...
This one kind of looks like a stretched out scale, dontcha' think?
This is basically the standard shell, but it's pink!
These two shells look like they're kissing!
This is a giant clam. It looks like it's going to open up and bite me!
Mmm...this shell looks just like chocolate.
I really like this shell because it looks like it has zebra stripes. I also like the rich pink color.
This shell looks just like faerie wings. I bet if I threw it, it would fly away...
I think that this is a very odd shell. It's all brown with blue spots and some spikes...hmm...
For some reason, I really like the simple design of this conch. It's like there is a perfect amount of spots or something. Not too many, but just enough.
This shell makes me think of those rainbow candy canes. Boy, would I like one of those right now!
Heh, heh. This one looks so funny. It looks like a face with a little tuft of crazy pink hair.
SilverrFangg was so nice and gave me this shell for my birthday. It has a beautiful pearl in it and I have never taken it out. I will keep it forever and ever!
I think that SilverrFangg said that he got this shell from Maraqua. It is so beautiful with the deep blue color and all of the little gems in it. This is also one of my favorites.
I don't know about this one...
Ooh! I really like this one! It's all shiny with bright colors! I like bright colors...
I love the rich purpley colors on this one. It matches me!
I was lucky to find a beautiful pearl in this one.
I love all of the blue hues in this one and it's all spiraley. I love spirals!
Wow, this one is cery crazy and colorful. This shell looks like it was attacked by a rainbow...